As Professor Somyos Kunachak, the founder of Yoskarn Clinic, believes that medicine, in this case, cosmetics, plastics, dermatology, and anti-aging, should continuously find ways to provide solution to on going patient dilemmas, several of his researches has been published and are now being used by other doctors in their clinical practices.  

Over the years, these researches had also been improved to better suit patient's unique needs. For instance, a deeper understanding of the different skin types will allow us to accept that what works for this person with this skin type, may not work exactly the same way with another person. It also allowed us to accept that even in a controlled environment, healing will be unique for individuals.

Most of Prof. Kunachak's researches aim mainly to provide a better understanding of the condition and to give an alternative solution to different issues that commonly cause concern among our patients. These issues include skin pigmentation, allergic rhinitis, excessive sweating, bromhydrosis (unpleasant smell of sweat), and other dermatologic concerns.


Check out the summaries of the studies:

Middle Turbinate Lateralization: A Simple Treatment for Rhinologic Headache

Q-Switched Nd YAG Laser Treatement for Acquired Bilateral Nevus of Ota-Like Maculae: A Long Term Follow Up

Non-Invasive Treatment of Bromidrosis by Frequency-Doubled Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser

Minimally Invasive KTP Laser Treatment of Perennial Allergic Rhinitis: A Preliminary Report 

Dermabrasion: A Curative Treatment for Melasma

Dermabrasion as an Effective Treatment for Acquired Bilateral Nevus of Ota-like Macules




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