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Don’t we all envy those people who just didn’t seem to go through the “ugly duckling” phase of youth. They are those who flaunt their flawless young faces strutting the corridors of our high school building not worrying about acne creams that doesn’t work. They are those who stay up all night not dreading the morning when facing the mirror means finding new red marks on an otherwise full-packed face. And they are those who just seem to glow with radiance anywhere they go.

Now, as we get older, we also see those with not so gifted peers in our circle finally turning in to a swan and those “mean girls” and guys getting their share of nature’s not so pleasant gifts. Their faces may not have changed, but their looks definitely did.

Our skin is the most visible organ in our body, it protects our internal system to the harmful elements of the outside world. Aesthetically speaking, our skin defines our overall look. No matter how dolly your eyes are, if your skin has acne scars, or your face has a lot of blemishes, the attention will always be drawn to those imperfections. Now we understand that there will be no perfectly flawless skin, but wouldn’t it be nice if you can have the best skin that you can possibly have?

Improving your skin is however not as easy as buying creams and products that are already out in the market and applying them as directed. Most mainstream brands formulations maybe effective, only if you are using the right product which suits your skin type, otherwise, it may not work, or it may just worsen your condition.

Some skin conditions may be addressed by simple home remedies, others by topical creams and medications, others by laser, and still yet, others may necessitate surgery. However, this is not as simple as going on google and typing acne solutions, or clear skin magic, specific skin treatments are designed for specific skin conditions and skin types. What works for bloggers and other self help website owners may not necessarily work for you.

Consulting a dermatologist every time you have a small rash may seem like a luxurious hobby to indulge in, but seeing a dermatologist every once in a while is more economical than waiting for skin conditions to get worse, plus, avoiding the scar will always be a good bonus.

At Yoskarn Clinic, we offer several options for all your skin care needs. Plus, our consultation is FREE!



During your initial visit, our dermatologist will evaluate your skin, note its tone, type, and condition. During this period, you should inform our doctor about the treatments you’ve tried (if you have any), be it laser, medications, or home concoctions. This will enable our doctor to map out the remedies that didn’t work for your skin, and recommend a new course of treatment that may work.

We will not claim that all our treatments will work for you. Again, medications will be formulated to work for the majority of people that falls under one spectrum, but as the saying goes, in every rule, there is always an exemption. This also goes for laser treatments. Any of the laser machines, be it the latest, or the not so new variety will have target skin types, tone, and condition, but not everyone who will fall into that category will achieve the same level of responsiveness or will respond at all, this brings us back to why it is crucial to mention your previous treatments before, so we will know what to prescribe for you.

The following are skin treatments available at Yoskarn Clinic:

  1. Home anti-aging night and day products which are specially formulated by our dermatologists.
  2. Mesotherapy - growth factor injection for skin rejuvenation, spot fat reduction, and skin lifting and tightening.
  3. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – autologous growth factor therapy for skin and systemic rejuvenation as well as for the treatment of hair loss and joint pains.
  4. Meso (No Needle) – ionic introduction of nourishing skin nutrients as well as anti-oxidant or whitening formula directly into the skin without injection.
  5. Radiofrequency – This cause tightening of the skin and subcutaneous tissue giving a lifting effect to the skin by stimulating the production of collagen on the treated areas.
  6. Thermage – a more focused radio frequency energy that is specially designed to tone or lift up the skin effectively without surgery.
  7. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy, a lighter laser therapy to bring back the skin's freshness.
  8. Laser Rejuvenation – the use of multisystem, multi wavelength laser to deal with each different aging parameters such as aged spots, sun damaged lesions, freckles, broken veins, large skin pores, wrinkles, other pigmented lesions and skin growth.
  9. Stem Cell Therapy – we provide autologous adipose tissue-derived (fat Stem Cells) stem cells for anti-aging on the skin as well as the whole body.
  10. Detoxification and Peptide Therapy - introduing vitamins and minerals directly to your system by Intravenous therapy for systemic health rejuvenation as well as skin nourishment.



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  • Skin Treatments
    Skin Treatments

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