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Breast correction

Often breast correction surgery is part of a mastopexy - breast reduction - or breast lift surgery. ... Breast reduction surgery with areola enhancement. ...

plastic surgery - BREASTS CORRECTION

Excess tissue in the chest area is a source of embarrassment for many men, especially as they age or gain weight. This can be dealt with through a Breast Correction procedure, which can provide a new lease of life for any man who previously felt inhibited by the 'breast-like' appearance to his chest.


 Your surgeon will assess whether the area comprises merely of fat or whether there is some breast tissue present. This will determine whether liposuction, surgical excision of the breast tissue or a combination of the two procedures is most appropriate for you.
If liposuction is to be performed, your surgeon will remove excess fat by making a tiny incision around in the nipple area. Also if there is excess breast tissue causing the heaviness around the chest, this will be removed.


Male Breast Correction takes 1 - 2 hours to complete and requires one overnight stay in hospital. You will see some bruising and feel sore just after the procedure, and for about two weeks.
Post-Operative Care
Yoskarn Clinic offer post-operative support to all our patients, and you will be advised of the actions you can take to relieve any pain and/or discomfort. You will need to avoid physical exertion for two days. You will be required to attend a post surgery appointment in order that your cosmetic surgeon can ensure that your wound is healing well.
Most clients are able to go back to work after a couple of weeks.


Increased self confidence.
Increased feeling of masculinity
Able to wear t-shirts etc with confidence
Firmer, well-contoured chest

Is this right for me?

The procedure is suitable for any man over 18 who is physically and emotionally healthy and who wishes to lose fatty tissue in an immediate, effective and discrete way.
Things to consider
It is important that you carefully consider any cosmetic surgery procedure. Your consultant plastic surgeon will be pleased to answer any questions during your consultation and leading up to the procedure.

What are the risks?
This is a low risk procedure, but nevertheless any surgical procedure carries risks. All risks associated with the surgery are discussed in full during your consultation with your consultant plastic surgeon.



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