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What if someone tells you they can give you the benefits of a full facelift without the necessary scar and recovery period? Will you believe it?

At Yoskarn Clinic, we will not claim that we can give you the same exact result that a full facelift can give, but with our Minilift procedure, we can target and address the same areas that full facelift does, with a more subtle result. With Minilift, we can correct the excess skin, tighten the muscles, remove some subcutaneous fat, and manipulate connective tissues to improve the overall contour of the face and bring back your youthfulness. 

A full facelift is effective when the sagging of the skin, muscles, subcutaneous fat and connective tissue is in an advanced stage while minilift is limited to the central sagging of the tissue of the cheeks and the jowls, often the first and most noticeable changes when our face starts to age.



Minilift can be done under local, sedation, or general anesthesia. This will be discussed during your consultation with our surgeon.

Prof. Somyos Kunachak will start with an incision behind the hairline and along the natural fold of the skin in front of the ear. Through this, he will be able to tighten the skin, correct the subcutaneous tissues that started to droop down, and simultaneously elevate the weakened muscles to lift your face up to its more youthful position. 

Your surgeon will make use of loops or sutures to support the subcutaneous tissues during your recovery period. These sutures are dissolvable and they will disappear over a period of time.



Stitch removal for minilift surgery is done 7-10 days post-operatively. By this time, normal activities can also be resumed though we still discourage engaging in strenuous activities and contact sports.

Bruiising and swelling may persist for upto 2 weeks but it will only be at its maximum for the first 3 days.

Like all face lift procedures, dyeing and hair treatments are strictly prohibited for up to 4 weeks to avoid irritating the incision site.



The correction of subcutaneous tissue and muscles improves the overall face of your face by lifting your skin in a natural way. This innovative facelifting procedure has a more natural and subtle rejuvenating effect because the traction on the facial tissues runs in a vertical way which is good in maintaining the fullness of the face. 

Since the effect is gentler and more natural than a mini facelift, patients who had undergone the procedure looks more refreshed rather than looking like they had something done.



Aside from the expertise of our surgeon, quality of our work, and professionalism of all our staffs, we also take pride in offering a whole package of services from transportation to hotel accommodations, to tours after recovery.

Our affiliate hotel, Aphrodite Inn, is located adjacent our own center, with one whole floor dedicated to all our patients who would like to have any surgery or treatment with us. Each room on the 2nd floor of Aphrodite Inn is complete with mechanical beds and soft, hotel, mattresses to assure patient comfort. Since there is an adjoining door on the 2nd floor of the hotel to our center, patients are also granted with privacy as you won’t have to walk around or go out with bandages. Our surgeon and nurses also visits patients staying in the hotel everyday to see their progress in recovery.

Post-op patients who are staying in the hotel are allowed to have a companion with them to stay in the same room with their own comfortable bed, free of charge.

For, patients who are strong enough, or companions who wants go around Bangkok, we can make arrangements for you.



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