Most of us are scared of needles, let’s admit it. The thought of an injection going deep unto our skin just raises the hair out of system. Despite our fear of needles however, we also want to keep our youthful glow intact, thus, we close our eyes, as hard as we can, while our surgeon injects us with our dose of the fountain of youth pill.

With the discovery of thermage, a machine that has been proven effective with FDA approval, to tighten and lift facial skin to smooth out wrinkles and improve facial contour, the demand for minimal invasive facelift procedures because a farther option.


Thermage is a radio frequency machine that makes use of ThermaCool System called ThermaTip which releases radio frequency to the area being treated. The radio frequency is set to target only the collagen deposit on the deeper layers of skin while the device protects the skin by cooling. The stimulation of the collagen in turn produces a tightening effect immediately. Over time however, the collagen that was stimulated becomes more active in producing more collagen that rejuvenates the skin and gives the patients a more youthful glow.

The procedure is most often done with topical anesthesia to ensure that the patient will be comfortable during the whole procedure. Since it will not involve any incision, there is virtually no downtime after the treatment. Patients who are looking into having a fresher look can come to our center on their lunch break and have the procedure done in less than an hour.


Thermage will work best on areas such as the following:

·        The eyes – the treatment will target the fine lines along the upper and lower eyelid while gently lifting the sagging eye brow and eyelid folds; mild degree of baggy lower eyelids will be improved as well

·        The face – thermage will be beneficial for those with loose jowls, sagging skin, turkey neck, but up to some extent only; for cases with excess skin, surgery will still be the only solution

·        The body – thermage can help improve unsightly bulges and mild sagging on the abdomen, upper arm and thigh area; the treatment can also be used to address some of your cellulite concerns


Unlike laser procedures, thermage, which uses a special focused radio frequency, will yield noticeable result in just one session and the result can last for up to two (2) years.

Though results may vary from one patient to another with other patients being more responsive with the treatment than others, studies still show that 90% of patients treated with this technology are happy with the result. The lifting effect will be immediate after the thermage session though your face will still continue to improve as more collagen is produced during the next few days.

Full result can be appreciated in 2-6 months after the treatment.

Though Thermage is a one-time procedure, once perceived the good result, many patients come back 6 months later for additional treatment. After the 2nd treatment, all patients are happy with the additional lifting effect. From this experience, we are currently urging patients to have a follow up treatment in 6-12 months after their first to further improve the result.


Thermage is an innovative skin tightening treatment that is continuously evolving. At Yoskarn Clinic, we make sure we are updated with the latest development with the machine for our patient’s satisfaction.

Also, we offer hotel accommodation for our patients should you wish for us to assist you in finding your accommodation. Our center is affiliated with Aphrodite Inn, a highly recommended boutique hotel right beside our clinic at the city center. For those looking into getting less invasive procedures such as thermage and would like to enjoy Bangkok’s Shopping experience, then the hotel is perfect for you as it is located just within walking distance from the biggest shopping centers in the country.

At Yoskarn Clinic, we give you the convenience of just informing us the procedure you want to do and your arrival date and time, then we can do the rest for you.




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