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  Excessive Sweating

Sweating, Excessive Sweating is a perfectly natural response to certain conditions ... Excessive sweating, known medically as diaphoresis, is a condition of ...

Aesthetic treatmentS - Hyperhydrosis - Profuse Sweating


Profuse sweating, often with its typical odour, can be awkward. Wet hand palms may wrongly suggest anxiety. Wet armpits or socks can be a social hindrance. Fortunately there is modern medicine to offer hope!

The sweat glands of the armpits can be temporarily paralysed by the injection of Botox,


Profuse sweating can be a symptom of a general imbalance of the body.

About 1% of the total population suffers from profuse sweating. This is caused by the overproduction of sweat by the sweat glands, usually in the armpits, hand palms, feet or face. By means of small Botox injections the sweat glands will be temporarily blocked. The production of sweat will decrease dramatically and increase the quality of life.


You will have to shave the hairs from the armpits the day before treatment.  Please avoid the use of a deodorant 24 hours before.


The treatment will take approximately half an hour 

The result

After 1 to 3 days you will notice the effect of the treatment. After about 5 days the result will be optimal.

Scientific research has proven that 87 to 93 % of the patients benefit from this treatment and sweat much less or even not any longer.

The effect of a Botox treatment is not permanent. It lasts normally from 6 to 9 months
with a maximum of 12 months.
Botox treatment can be safely repeated indefinitely.

During follow-up treatments one notices that –like the Botox effect on wrinkles- the effect tends to lasts longer after uninterrupted repeat sessions.

The alternative to Botox is surgical treatment of the sweat glands. This has a good chance to work permanently, but is liable to a significant complications and failure rate. Patients have to be very motivated for the tough recovery period of about six weeks and should balance the pro’s and cons together with the surgeon well before the operation.

Treatment hyperhidrosis hands, feet and body

An Endoscopical Thoracal Sympathectomie (ETS) can offer the solution for the treatment of extreme transpiration of the hand palms. Botox injections can cause weakness in de muscles of the hands, a complication best avoided. For ETS surgery you should see a specialised vascular surgeon.

Eastern medicine can help to bring the bodily functions back in balance and can control excessive sweat production that results from lifestyle problems. It is the only valid treatment for generalised

Excessive Sweating


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