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 Tummy Tuck

Get the facts about a tummy tuck, a procedure that flattens your abdomen by removing extra fat and skin and tightening muscles in your abdominal wall.

plastic surgery - Tummy Tuck

Time, gravity, pregnancy and weight imbalances take their toll on our abdominal region.

TUMMY contour surgery will enhance your body by making your abdomen firmer and flatter. You may find that you feel more comfortable in your clothing and are more confident about your appearance.

Choosing the right surgical technique is very important to obtain the best result.

Standard result: full tummy tuck,
with endoscopic tightening of the muscles,
transposition of the belly button
and breast augmentation.

what’s new?

Tumescent Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty: Anesthetic innovation!

  • Less bleeding during surgery
  • Less bruising after surgery
  • Use of intravenous sedation instead of general anesthesia.
  • Fully asleep the during surgical procedure.
  • increased patient comfort after surgery
  • multiple surgical procedures possible

In the past, body contouring was extensive surgery with high complication risks. The procedure required general anesthesia, long hospitalization, and commonly a blood transfusion.

With the discovery of tumescent infiltration in combination with intravenous sedation, traditional narcosis – general anesthetic- is no longer necessary for cosmetic surgery procedures.  Consequently, the recovery period after surgery is drastically reduced.

Since general anesthesia can be avoided in favor of intravenous sedation, it is also possible to undergo a combination of several cosmetic surgeries.  This spares repeated professional and social discomforts experienced with multiple surgeries.


Each correction is individually very different and has to be thoroughly analyzed by the surgeon to obtain the most beautiful result. During your private consultation, it will become clear which technique will fit best your needs.

You should come to the consultation prepared to discuss your medical history. This will include information about any medical conditions, drug allergies, medical treatments you have received, pregnancies, previous surgeries and medications that you currently take. It is important to provide complete information.

The surgeon will examine your abdomen. Your skin tone, the amount of excess fat in your abdomen, the condition of your abdominal muscles and the degree of loose skin in the abdominal region will be assessed.

After full assessment the surgeon will discuss the surgical technique most suited for you.

TUMMY: surgical techniques

The technique used may differ individually: 


Liposuction - liposculpture may be required if you have:
Accumulation of body fat in the stomach region and the lower abdomen.
An elastic skin.

Surgical solution:
Liposuction Contouring of the lower abdomen & stomach region.

2. Liposculpture with endoscopic tightening of the abdominal muscles.

A Lipo Endoscopy may be required if you have:
Accumulation of body fat in the stomach region and the lower abdomen.
Separated abdominal muscles.
An elastic skin.

Surgical solution:
• Liposuction Contouring of the lower abdomen & stomach.
• Tightening of the lower part of the abdominal rectus muscles,
• Tightening of the upper part of the abdominal rectus muscles,
   Through a small incision in the pubic or umbilical area.

Through a small incision in the pubic area, the surgeon brings an endoscopic lens and fine instruments under the skin. This way he can tighten the abdominal muscles.  

More information: LIPOSUCTION

3. a mini TUCK abdominoplasty.

A MINI TUMMY TUCK may be required if you have:
Accumulation of body fat in the lower abdomen.
Weak abdominal muscles.
Excessive Skin in the lower abdomen.

Surgical solution:
• Liposuction Contouring of the lower abdomen & stomach.
• Tightening of the lower part of the abdominal rectus muscles
• Tightening of the upper part of the abdominal rectus muscles
• Skin excision below the belly button

With this treatment the excessive skin is removed below the belly bottom.  The incision is hidden in the pubic and groin area.  The abdominal muscles can be tightened and excess skin is being removed. 

4. a total abdominoplasty.

A FULL TUMMY TUCK may be required if you have:
Accumulation of body fat in the stomach region and the lower abdomen.
Weak abdominal muscles.
A large section of loose skin, also above the umbilicus.

Surgical solution:
• Fat reduction of the lower abdomen & stomach.
• Tightening of the rectus muscles, from the chest to the pubic region.
• Removal of large section of loose skin and the stretch marks contained in that skin.
• Recreation of a new belly button through the transposed skin.

The surgeon will remove excess skin and fat.
The abdominal muscles are tightened.
The belly button is moved upward.


The surgery takes place under intravenous sedation: Contrary to a traditional general anesthetic, in which a tube is inserted into the throat and connected to a breathing apparatus, you actually breathe on your own. 

While being fully asleep, you will breathe independently and feel no pain. A few hours after the surgery you feel fine and will not experience the side effects of a general anesthesia.


All surgical treatments in the Yoskarn Clinic are preformed in a hospital setting with fully equipped operating theatres and overnight facilities.

Medications are administered for your comfort during the surgical procedure. You will be asleep throughout the procedure. When surgery is completed, you will be taken into a recovery area where you will continue to be closely monitored.

In some cases, small drain tubes will have been placed within the abdominal tissues to help avoid accumulation of fluids. Gauze or other dressings may be applied to your abdomen and covered with tape or an elastic bandage.

Liposculpture, tightening of the abdominal muscles and a mini-abdominoplasty can take place as a day procedure. This means you will arrive at the Yoskarn Clinic in the morning for your surgery. After the operation you will rest for the day in one of our patient suites.  In the evening you will be ready to return home or to your hotel.  After a total abdominoplasty – a full Tummy Tuck- you have to stay one night in our clinic.


Protuberant bowls need to be assessed in a professional manner. They can lead to a thick tummy after surgery.

You will notice some numbness over parts of the abdominal area which may persist for several months. The scars can be spread, due to the tension they have to bear, in contrast to the scar of a caesarean section, where no excess skin is being removed.

Patients with serious health problems such as overweight, bowl expansion, hormone deficiency, smoking or history of use of steroids, have a higher risk on death tissue and infections.


The scars are placed in areas where least noticeable.  Every surgery leaves a different scar.  The details of this will be discussed individually before surgery.  The scar, which accompanies a tummy tuck, is hidden in the pubic area and extends towards the pelvic bones.  The scars of a liposculpture are minimal (3mm).

As with all scars, within the first three to nine months they are red and lumpy, in a year they will fade considerably. This maturing process can be accelerated with a special highly concentrated scar improving oil.

The post-operative recovery

Depending on the extent of your tummy correction and your general physical condition, you may be able to return to non-strenuous work anywhere from one to six weeks after surgery. In many instances, you can resume most of your normal activities, including some form of mild exercise, after a few weeks. You may continue to experience some discomfort and swelling during this time.  Severe pain should be reported to your doctor.

Drainage tubes, if there are, are removed after a few days. It is advisable to resume light activity within comfortable limits as soon as possible. A support garment sometimes is required during a few weeks after the surgery. The sutures are removed approximately twelve days after the procedure.

For our long distance patients: the removal of the sutures can be done by your General Practitioner at home. We will provide you with special written instructions for your after care, as well as a letter for your GP.

Tummy Tuck


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