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 Vaginal Tightening Surgery


FEMALE INTIMATE SURGERY - Vaginal Tightening Surgery


Due to individual factors, each of the methods of vaginal tightening surgery is not exactly the same, depending on the circumstances attending physician will choose the right surgery for you.
Back away from the skin in the vaginal mucosa at the junction of the skin side for about 0.3cm incision in the posterior vaginal mucosa free, and the posterior wall of the vagina relative to suture the fascia around the muscles to strengthen the tension of the vagina. Surgical complications that may occur include hematoma (an accumulation of blood skin may require removal), infection and reaction to anesthesia. You should follow before and after surgery physician doctor's advice and instructions, thus reducing some of the risk. Vaginal tightening surgery complications in general are more rare.

What people do for vaginal tightening surgery?
Where The Old perineal tears after vaginal delivery, poor wound healing after episiotomy or congenital causes of vaginal relaxation, leading to those dissatisfied with sexual life, can consider vaginal tightening surgery.

What are the risks surgery?
Surgical complications that may occur include hematoma, infection and adverse reactions to anesthesia.

What to do before surgery vaginal tightening inspection?
The first visit a doctor to determine whether vaginal relaxation and caused by any reason, then a doctor should be clear about the problem and hope ill be achieved through surgery to help doctors understand the expectations of your surgical results and to determine whether these expectations can be met.

What preparations should be made before surgery?
3 days before surgery should be a day with 0.1% benzalkonium bromide solution cleaning the vulva, vagina to keep dry and clean, and stop the sex life. If there is smoking, stop smoking before surgery; Do not take aspirin, which would cause the drug to increase the amount of bleeding; if suffering from vaginitis or genital infection, you need to re-recognized by doctors after treatment by surgery. Usually in the period 7 to 10 days after the surgery arrangements.

After the situation?
Such surgery is generally carried out in hospital out-patient operating room, using local anesthesia. Gauze packing in the vagina to prevent hematoma formation, and some patients may be allowed to go home, while others need to stay in hospital for observation.
Patients to pay attention to?
To rest after 12 to 24 hours, oral antibiotics to prevent infection, with 1 / 5000 potassium permanganate solution bath, twice a day, a total of 7 to 10 days. 1 week after suture removal, early to avoid force, bending and lifting heavy objects, usually 1 to 2 weeks after surgery resume work and resume physical activity after four weeks. Prohibited within 6 weeks of life.

How effective is surgery?
Vaginal tightening surgery may be dramatic, it may only slightly, depending on the status of preoperative vaginal relaxation, but the effect is long-lasting operation. Of particular note are: vaginal tightening surgery can improve the relaxation caused by vaginal sex, but does not address the psychological or other causes of sexual problems.


Some women after childbirth, often feeling kind of vaginal relaxation, in fact, vaginal relaxation times occur in a number of delivery or the fetal head is too large, resulting in thinning of the vagina or around the muscle tear, or during vaginal side failed to cut suture sutured muscles fully and completely, resulting in large vagina, relaxation contraction decreased sexual pleasure during sex decreased, the situation prevalent in a lateral vaginal birth or a history of the history of women. If you usually pay no attention to the training of the perineal muscles are like the above will also increase.


 Vaginal tightening is the art of the physiological changes for women, to improve the quality of life and treatment of couples urethra, bladder and rectum prolapse designed a gynecological surgery. In the period 7-10 days after the general arrangement is the best time of surgery, vaginal tightening surgery operation can be carried out under local anesthesia, the method currently used is relatively simple, generally do not do a lot of tissue removal, just remove the vagina mouth 3 -5CM the vaginal mucous membrane mucous membrane folds and can be stitched tight, too loose if the vaginal opening, but also in the vaginal mucous membrane under the levator ani muscles to do two mattress suture needle to tighten the vaginal opening, increase the ability of the vaginal opening tight tie, If the vaginal tear caused by the bottom of the birth, so that the destruction of the vagina, mouth shape, the completion of tightening the vaginal opening can also improve the mouth of the vagina outside the form, so that they are more beautiful.

Surgical methods:
Conventional disinfection with 0.1% benzalkonium bromide perineum, with 2% lidocaine for infiltration anesthesia, between the vagina and perineum for transverse incision, blunt dissection to the inside for about 5CM, pious in the shade on both sides of the incision for the posterior wall of the deep of transverse incision, removal of the free posterior margin, according to level of suture
1, anti-infection: After intravenous infusion of antibiotics (also known as fluids and) 3-6 days.
2, daily cleaning with potassium permanganate solution genitals.
3, do not ride a bike within a month, not to carry out strenuous exercise.
4, five days after the stitches.



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