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COOLSCULPTING IN BANGKOK  just got way COOLER and more ELITE with the addition of the latest COOLSCULPTING ELITE Model at YOSKARN CLINIC THAILAND!


Coolsculpting has been phenomenal since it was launched more than a decade ago. Yoskarn Clinic in Bangkok is proud to be a part of the Coolsculpting family from the very first set of applicators up to the latest one right now, which is the COOLSCULPTING ELITE.


For those who are not familiar with Coolsculpting in Thailand, CoolSculpting is a noninvasive way to contour your body using fat freezing technique. The unique technology in Coolsculpting only freezes fat cells on the treated areas, leaving surrounding cells, and the skin, unaffected. One cycle takes 35 to 75mins depending on the applicator used and the area being treated.


While a few number of clients report some sort of discomfort on the treated areas for a few days following the treatment, the procedure generally does not lead to any downtime. Patients report to start seeing results in 2weeks up to 6months after the treatment. Studies have shown an average of 20-25% of fat reduction in the treated areas after 6months.


Coolsculpting in Thailand is ideal for those who are looking to treat specific “problem areas” or those “stubborn fatty areas” that may be deemed next to impossible to lose even with exercise and healthy diet. While it is definitely not a weight loss treatment, clients who have done the procedure can attest to losing a few centimeters off the treated areas.


What is the difference between the conventional Coolsculpting machine and the new Coolscultping Elite model?

While the same principle of Cryolipolysis is used for both versions, Coolsculpting Elite in Bangkok uses modified applicators that are proven to deliver more precise fat targeting, which leads to better results. The design of the applicators is also improved for versatility in terms of fitting each patient’s unique body contour. The Coolsculpting Elite in Bangkok also uses enhanced cooling technology for greater customization of the cooling process, resulting in a more uniform and consistent cooling.


Will the Coolsculpting Elite in Bangkok give better result than the previous model?

Coolsculpting Elite has been shown to reduce approximately 27 to 31% of fat on the treated area with up to 18% more coverage area than the previous model. Since the applicators had been modified to suit more body parts/shapes/sizes, patients are able to achieve better over-all results.