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It is not uncommon for Asians to have a square, bony face. This is probable the reason why the V-Shaped Face is much coveted in the region. The phenomenal popularity of the V-face has however left Asia and is currently taking over the whole world as it is now seen not just as a beauty trend but as youthful feature.

Anatomically, in our youths when everything is still in its right place, our face is shaped like an inverted triangle or what is now more well known as V-shaped – and then as we get older, our skin starts to sag, making our jowls wider and our upper face smaller due to volume loss. Some of us are however born with a naturally squarish face due to prominent cheek bones; prominent jaw angle from muscle hypertrophy or the jaw bone itself; short, wide, blunted chin; or excessive buccal fat or cheek fat. All these factors will have to be improved in order to achieve a V-Shaped face.


Depending on your original face shape, a V-Face can be achieved non-surgically by any or a combination of the following procedures:

  • Fillers :  For patients whose problem area is the upper face or those with volume loss on the temple area, or for patients with prominent cheek bones, fillers on the temple area will balance out the upper face. For patients with short or wide chin, strategically injected fillers will help make the chin longer and more pointy.
  • MesoFat injection – For patients who have fatty jowls or prominent buccal fat, an injection of fat dissolving agent (MesoFat) will help achieve a more delicate lower face contour
  • Ultherapy / HIFU – For issues on sagging for the lower face, Ultherapy and HIFU are both non-invasive options to lift and contour the lower face
  • Threadlift (Barbed, U Cog, Silhouette, PDO) – Threadlift is another solution for saggy lower face, but is minimal invasive in nature
  • Botox – For patients with prominent jaw line due to jaw muscle hypertrophy, Botox injection can slim down the jaw line for a slender contour

For longer lasting results, our center also offers an array of surgical procedures to achieve a V-Shaped face contour:

  • Temple Augmentation by Fat Transfer : A V-Shaped face is characterized by a wider upper face that also gives a more youthful aura. Patients with depressed temple area usually opt for this procedure to balance the upper face with the cheek area
  • Cheek Augmentation or Reduction : Depending on the original shape of the face, the cheek may be augmented by implant or reduced (bone reduction) to achieve a smoother V-silhouette
  • Cheek and Jowl Liposuction – Patients with excess fat on the cheek and jowl area may undergo this minor liposuction procedure to improve the contour of the lower face
  • Jaw Reduction : Patients (especially Asians who tend to have stronger jaw lines) with prominent jaw bone or muscle may undergo this surgery to reduce the wideness of the lower face.
  • Short Scar Facelift : For patients who are doing several reduction procedures, or for those with originally saggy skin to begin with, short scar facelift is done to sharpen the V-Face contour
  • Chin Augmentation or Reduction : Depending on the projection of your chin, an augmentation by silicone implant or reduction by bone shaving can be done to achieve a pointier chin area.

A combination of surgical and non-surgical procedures can be tailored on your schedule, budget, and desired result.


The V-shaped face is a phenomenal hit in Asian countries and several patients come everyday requesting for this kind of facial contour. With this, our surgeons has gained relevant experience not just in offering the V-shaped contour, but in achieving a more harmonious facial design for a patient, especially our head surgeon, Prof. Somyos Kunachak

Aside from the expertise of our surgeons, our center also offers a variety of other procedures and treatments, from weight loss, anti-aging, body contouring, and health and wellness, surgical and non-surgical, hence, every minute of your trip to Bangkok, Thailand will be worth it.

Our center is also affiliated with Aphrodite Inn, the hotel just beside our center, and we can also arrange transportation service, translation, currency exchange, and even tours should you want to go sight-seeing.  



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