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Studies indicate that acupuncture treatments in conjunction with patient education result in significant improvements over either intervention alone. In both Chinese and some Western studies, the frequency and severity of angina attacks were reduced following acupuncture treatments.

The results of animal model studies investigating the use of acupuncture for heart-related conditions indicates acupuncture at the Neiguan area (or Pericardium 6 — PC 6) may strengthen myocardial contractions by preventing earlier physiologic processes involved in angina attacks. Another team of researchers suggested in a 2006 study that acupuncture at the PC 6 and PC 4 acupoints might improve the stroke volume of the heart by enhancing the contractility of the left ventricle wall.

Other acupoints that may help alleviate angina when they are stimulated areXinshu (B 15) and Shanzhong (Ren 17). Additional, several points on the fingertips, including Zhongchong (PC 9), Shaochong (HT 9), and Shaoshang (Lu 11), are highly effective for acute cases of angina.

An acupuncturist will choose the most effective acupuncture points for angina based upon your constitutional and the current symptoms you are experiencing.