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Acupuncture for depression is a safer and effective alternative to antidepressant clinically. Actually the efficacy of acupuncture for depression has convinced both doctors of Chinese medicine and western medicine.

Depression is one of global mental health problems, of which the main clinical manifestation is the significant continued depressed mood. In fact, acupuncture for depression has helped many people out of this mental disorder by just a single needle.

So what is the working mechanism of acupuncture for depression?

Theory of acupuncture for depression

Depression is called “Yu Zheng” in Chinese, which refers to syndrome of stagnation. The theory of acupuncture for depression thinks that depression is caused by the injury of emotions, which results in disorder of Qi-blood and dysfunction of liver, spleen and heart. In a long run it would form a vicious circle – stagnation causes the depression and depression worsens the stagnation.

In short, the disorder of functional activities of vital energy might lead to a variety of diseases, especially depression. In other words, the disorder of functioning of Qi is the overall pathogenesis of depression.

How does acupuncture for depression work?

Acupuncture can be used for a wide range of diseases and its efficacy has been tested for thousands of years. The same is true for acupuncture for depression and its accompanied or secondary physical diseases. However, acupuncture for depression also needs to take all other elements into consideration, such as patients’ symptoms, tongue and pulse and so on. To determine a successful prescription in acupuncture for depression, the basic Four Diagnostic Methods in Chinese medicine is a must.

The role of acupuncture for depression is to inspire the Qi, which dredge the channels and regulate the imbalance of Yin-Yang and Qi-blood. Once the body resumes working properly by acupuncture for depression, the body itself would correct the defects in our body by the restored self-healing ability.

Modern research has found that acupuncture may act on the heart, brain and other organs and acupuncture can regulate the endocrine as well.

General prescription of acupuncture for depression

As I mentioned just now that acupuncture for depression needs to consider all those overall conditions before to determine an effective prescription. In other words, remedies of acupuncture for depression are not always the same. Therefore, the general prescription of acupuncture for depression is for reference only.

Acupuncture for depression often chooses mainly those points that can refresh, enlighten and promote flow of Qi and blood. And then choose secondary points that can dredge liver channel, regulate heart and spleen, or benefit spleen and kidney and so on.

Why choose acupuncture for depression?

As we already know that acupuncture for depression has a two-way positive regulatory role. Through stimulating nervous system and immune system, acupuncture can regulate the process of excitation and inhibition in the cerebral cortex, which achieve a balance among the various neurotransmitters in brain synapses. This is exactly how acupuncture for depression cures the depression.

In short, acupuncture for depression has a faster improvement and fewer side effects, compared with the primary application of antidepressants in western clinical practice. Combined with the increasing recognition in patients, acupuncture for depression will demonstrate its effectiveness and superiority more obviously. At present, acupuncture for depression has been proved to be one of the most effective methods for depression.