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You may have a high and straight nose bridge or a small less pointed nose, but the look will not be perfect without the proper alar base proportion. Like all of us with facial flaws, some people find their nose wide, especially when they smile, with respect to their whole face, hence the alarplasty surgery.

Alarplasty in Thaqiland or Nose Trim Surgery is a minor surgical procedure done in an out-patient setting to trim down the span off the alar base or to correct a flaring nostril. It can be done alone or in combination with nose augmentation or nose reduction surgery in Thailand.

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Patients who are considering alarplasty or nose surgery in Thailand should be of good health with realistic expectations about the procedure. Good candidates for this type of surgery are those with problems with flaring nostril or those who feel that their nose is not proportional to the rest of their facial features.

Most patients who come to our center to consult with our surgeon, Prof. Kunachak, one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Thailand, are concerned about their nose looking too wide when they smile. This is one of the best indication for alarplasty in Thailand.



There are different incisions and techniques that can be used to narrow the alar base depending on the result that the client wants to achieve. Prof. Somyos Kunachak will explain these options during your consultation and you are free to ask anything you want to know about the procedure that our surgeon is recommending, and the other techniques that are also available.

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Alarplasty in Thailand is done under local anesthesia and the surgery will take about an hour. The incision, again depending on what you agree upon with your surgeon during the consultation, can be placed hidden inside the nostril, or outside. This will be decided based on the degree of alar flaring that you have. During the procedure, the alar is manipulated to move closer to the base of the septum to narrow it down. 


There is necessarily no downtime after alarplasty because it is a pretty minor procedure. There will however be some degree of swelling on the areas surrounding the alar base but it will subside in a week or two.

Suture will be removed 7 days after surgery depending on the condition of the incision site. Usually, the scar will not be noticeable after some time, but during the first few weeks of the surgery, the area may be reddish to pinkish for a while.

Wound cleaning can be done alone but if you are in doubt or if you have no support person available to assist you, you can always visit our clinic. Our team of nurses would be happy to assist you especially during the first weel of your recovery.

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Aside from world class surgeons and medical team with warm and friendly staffs, our clinic also offers a whole package of accommodation from our nearby hotel, Aphrodite Inn, which sits adjacent to our facility with a connecting door on the 2nd floor for patient privacy. The 2nd floor of Aprodite Inn was also converted to suit the needs of our patients, pre and post-operatively. Each room is equipped with mechanical beds, with hotel quality mattresses, and oxygen outlet for patients who just had surgery. Medical equipments and emergency apparatuses are also within reach from the rooms so there will be no need to worry about recovery.

Prof. Somyos Kunachak and the rest of our team also pays visit to all patients staying in the nearby hotel every day. Patients who are staying with a companion also enjoy the privilege of sharing the room with them as part of their surgical package.

We also make arrangements for tours and transportation depending on the client need.



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        Alarplasty, also known as alar base reduction or alar wedge excision, is a surgical procedure performed on the nose to alter the width or shape of the nostrils. This cosmetic procedure is commonly used to address wide or flared nostrils and to achieve better facial harmony.

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