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Single-eyelid, monolid, chinky eyes, almond-shaped eyes, slanted eyes, these are just few of the descriptions we usually hear for people with very small to no fold at all on their upper eyelids and is often referred to as the Asian Eyelid.

According to statistics, at least 50% of East Asians lacks a fold just above the upper eyelid and while some regard this as a defining characteristic for those of Asian descent, a lot of Asians, still want to achieve even just a small fold to open up their eyes. The challenge however is not just to put a fold along the eyelid, but to preserve the ethnic characteristic of an Asian eye.

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Asian Blepharoplasty or the Double Eyelid Surgery in Thailand is done pretty much like the normal eyelift surgery except Asian Blepharoplasty does not aim to lift the eyelid or remove excess skin, it only aims to create a fold or a supratarsal crease along the upper eyelid. The procedure is always done under local anesthesia and recovery is usually within 5 days.

A small incision is placed along the area where the fold will be located. This spot is discussed with the patient during the consultation. The location of the fold determines whether the patient will have a bright-eyed Asian look or a Westernized eye.


While Asian Eyelid surgery in Thailand is a straight forward procedure, patients who want to do the surgery should have a clear goal on the result that they want. There is a very thin line separating a Western Eyelid Surgery and an Asian Eyelid Surgery and this needs to be conveyed well with the surgeon.   

After the procedure, consider that however minor, the body will still take time to heal and recover, so swelling, bruising, and a pain may persist for a few days. Most patients recover well in just 5 days, some take up to 7 days, but visible swelling may persist for up to 2 weeks with the final result apparent in 6months.

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The purpose of an Asian Eyelid Surgery is to create a fold that will complement an Asian Eyelid and preserve its ethnicity. This requires not just good credentials, but more so, experience. With more than 30years in Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand, and with trainings all over the world, Prof. Somyos Kunachak has already performed thousands of eyelid surgery procedures, ranging from eyelid lift, Asian eyelid, western eyelid, ptosis correction, and even epicanthoplasties so he understands the anatomy of the eyelid well, along with approach that will be undertaken.

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