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Have you ever imagined passing through security metal detector and triggering its alarms? It may be far from happening just yet, but do you know that there are metals in our body which comes from the food we ingest, the water we drink, and even the air we breathe? For instance, Cadmium, Arsenic, Mercury, Aluminum, exposure to certain forms and concentrations of this metal is known to produce toxic effects on humans, but did you know that Cadmium is present in most vegetables we ingest since this metal is naturally occurring in our soil, and even in our water? And we all thought eating vegetables is pure healthy.

Now as mentioned, it is most likely that we already have these metals in our body, though their concentration is still minute to cause any noticeable health effects, but do they affect our bodies?

The simple answer is yes, the complicated explanation is that heavy metal in the body increases oxidative stress, resulting in an imbalance in our system, thus damaging our cells, and even our DNA. Our body, wonderfully equipped as it is, have its own defense mechanism in the form of Antioxidants, fighting off the effects of oxidation in our molecules. These so-called Anti-Oxidants more popularly known as our Vitamins and Minerals.

However, our body also has limitations, when there is too much oxidative stress and our body’s defense mechanism can no longer keep up, we see physical manifestations of the presence of toxic metals in our body and most commonly, these effects are often debilitating. The question is, how are we going to avoid getting this far?

Chelation, the only proven treatment for metal poisoning, can actually be done even without presenting symptoms. Knowing that we all have metals in our body no matter how careful we are with the food we eat, it is only but practical and even cost-effective to try chelation at least once or twice a year and even more frequently as you get older.

Chelation at Yoskarn Clinic in Thailand makes use of high quality chelating agents from our trusted manufacturers so you can be assured that you will be getting the best result with every treatment you do in our center. We also do not just offer Chelation, we do the treatment with Detoxification and Peptide Therapy to ensure that the body is not only cleansed from metals, but also other harmful substances, and enriched with immunity enhancers, boosting our defense mechanism to fight off cellular damage and disease-causing agents in our body. 

Come and try our Chelation Therapy and  notice your body feel lighter and better as your treatment progress.