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Whether you have a round, oblong, square, or angular face, your chin defines the overall shape of your face. Though often neglected, the chin plays a very important role in terms of facial symmetry and youthfulness. Notice that a person with receding or sagging chin usually looks older than those with more definition on the area, while a man with square chin is usually regarded as more manly than those with rounder features. 

Though studies show that there is no definite standard as to which chin shape is regarded as universally more attractive than others, the gold standard for beauty is always balance. 

At Yoskarn Clinic, we offer both Chin Augmentation and Chin Reduction using different techniques to cater client needs.

Below are our solutions for the 2 most common chin contour concerns:


At Yoskarn Clinic, Prof. Kunachak  performs filler injections, fat or fat stem cell transfer, or silicone chin implants to augment the chin area.

For Chin Fillers, our clinic use absorbable fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, and Perlane. Basically, filler injection in Thailand is the non-surgical solution to a weak chin. Unlike its surgical counterpart, using fillers will cause very little swelling and bruising therefore recovery is a lot faster. On the downside, most fillers only last for a maximum for one (1) year especially those that are Hyaluronic Based so patients will have to repeat the procedure again in a year.

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For those who want to have long lasting results but doesn't want to use silicone implants, fat transfer or fat stem cell transfer is the best option. 

On the surgical side, chin augmentation in Thailand by silicone implant can be done either under local or general anesthesia, depending on your preference. Much like other surgical procedures using silicone implant, like nose augmentation, the implant will first be carved to fit your facial contour better. Usually, the shape and size of the implant is discussed during the consultation (Prof. Kunachak makes sure we have different sizes and shapes available for patients to be able to choose), however, since all implants are pre-made, our surgeon will still need to reshape the implant for better result. This is where the expertise and experience of Prof. Somyos Kunachak comes in.

Chin augmentation in Thailand will take more or less and hour, then the patient will be moved to the recovery room, and depending on the anesthesia of choice, the patient will be discharged or will be required to stay in our facility overnight for observation.

The incision for chin augmentation using silicone implant can be done by intra-oral incision or under the chin, this will agian be discussed during your consultation with Prof. Kunachak. Pro’s and Con’s for both incisions such as healing time, possibility of scarring, and risk factors will be discussed during the consultation. We always make sure that the patient understands every option before we finalize the plan for surgery.

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After the surgery, suture removal will have to be done 5-7 days post-operatively for under the chin incision while for intra-oral incision, the sutures are dissolvable so no suture removal is needed.

Another surgical option that will not involve the use of an implant is the Sliding Genioplasty. 

The result of Chin Augmentation with Yoskarn Clinic in Thailand using either fillers, silicone, or both is a more harmonious facial balance. Swelling and bruising will be normal for the first week after surgery but will not last long. Some food restrictions will be implemented should the incision be placed intra-orally to lessen the chances of infection.



For patients whose concern is over-prominence of the mental region, chin reduction in Thailand may be the only option.

If you try to see the anatomy of the mental region, the chin is mostly made up of bones and soft tissue, hence, laser and botox injection will not yield any result. Prof. Kunachak thus offer a combination of soft tissue removal and bone reduction for this cases.

Chin Reduction in Thailand is considered more complicated than its antithesis which is chin augmentation. With chin reduction, a small portion of the bone on the patient’s chin will either be resected or moved along with the soft tissue. Chin Reduction Surgery is always done under general anesthesia and the surgery takes about 2-3 hours.

Incision for chin reduction can be placed intra-orally or sub-mentally as well and this will be discussed during your consultation.

Recovery for the procedure will take about two weeks though result will settle in about 2 to 6 months. Patients can expect lesser projection or shorter chin depending on the original concern of the patient.



Aside from a team of world class surgeons, nurses, and staffs, our clinic also boasts utilizing the latest techniques and modifying existing procedures to specifically address patient’s needs. We also make sure that patients know and understand all their options, including not having surgery before giving consent.

Our clinic also offers a whole package of accommodation from our nearby hotel, Aphrodite Inn, which sits adjacent to our facility with a connecting door on the 2nd floor for patient privacy. The 2nd floor of Aphrodite Inn was also converted to suit the needs of our patients, pre and post-operatively. Each room is equipped with mechanical beds, with hotel quality mattresses, and oxygen outlet for patients who just had surgery. Medical equipments and emergency apparatuses are also within reach from the rooms so there will be no need to worry about recovery.

Prof. Somyos Kunachak and the rest of our team also pays visit to all patients staying in the nearby hotel every day. Patients who are staying with a companion also enjoy the privilege of sharing the room with them as part of their surgical package.

We also make arrangements for tours and transportation depending on the client need.




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    Chin surgery, also known as genioplasty or mentoplasty, is a cosmetic or reconstructive procedure that aims to enhance the appearance and proportion of the chin. It involves reshaping the chin bone or adding implants to improve facial balance and harmony.

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