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Probably one of the most popular hormone, Estrogen is the female sex hormone popularly known to be responsible for the menstrual cycle of women, therefore the mood swings as well. While it is present in both men and women, Estrogen is found in higher level among female and is the hormone that facilitates the development of female secondary sexual characteristics such as breast enlargement forming the feminine contour, and as mentioned above, menstrual cycle. For men, the hormone also has an important role in the maturation of sperm.

As with other hormones produced in our body, estrogen level also drops as we age, bringing about drastic changes in our body physically, emotionally, and psychologically; this stage is called the menopausal stage. Though the onset of menopause is a natural process, the inconveniences that comes with it can be avoided by estrogen hormonal treatment in Thailand.



Estrogen and a combination of other hormones in Thailand may be prescribed at Yoskarn Clinic to postmenopausal women to avoid some symptoms associated with this physiologic condition such as vaginal dryness, hot flushes, fatigue, irritability, and sweating. Estrogen is also believed to prevent osteoporosis for women undergoing this stage as studies show that women who underwent estrogen therapy had lost significantly lesser bone mass than those who did not.

Since menopausal brings about a lot of changes not only in a woman’s internal system, but also on the physical sense, Estrogen also helps control or slow down these changes thus, our center also uses balanced hormonal therapy as an anti-aging regime, which has gained a lot of positive feedbacks from our patients.

Some researchers also believe that Estrogen may also influence the location (deposition) of women’s fat, and they proposed that women with higher estrogen levels most likely have pear-shaped bodies which men find more desirable.

Estrogen is also currently being studied for its effect on a woman’s emotion and mood swings and scientists have proposed that PMS and Post Partum Depression may be avoided or lessened with proper estrogen supplementation.

Aside from these, estrogen therapy is also used by our patients who had undergone sexual reassignment surgery to support the changes that will occur in your body as the level of your testosterone drops. Female Hormonal Repalacement therapy also alllows eisier transition physically, emotionally, and psychologically as well.



Estrogen is prepared in topical cream of bio-identical form at Yoskarn Clinic. By Bio-Identical, you can be assured that our hormones are of the same molecular build as the natural hormones produced in our body.

Like for all other hormonal therapy regime in our center, Prof. Somyos Kunachak will first order a hormone screening test before prescribing this treatment for you. The first few days of taking the supplement may cause fluctuations on your hormonal level (same as when you are about to have your monthly period and your hormones are fluctuating) thus, you may experience mood swings and other PMS related symptoms but using the estrogen gel (Oestrogel) at around the same time on a daily basis will allow your body to adjust to the changes faster. 



Since our center uses Bio-Identical Hormones for all our hormonal therapy regime, our hormones can be used for long term without the unpleasant side-effects of other (normal) medications. Though aas we all know, hormonal changes affects our body, some faster than other, like for instance, with the estogen, usually, changes in level of our estrogen has an immediate effect in our body while other hormones may take a few months before you see some result. 

For estrogen therapy, patients sometimes experience PMS-like effect such as moodiness, feeling bloated, etc, but these are not side effects of the hormone, these on the other hand are normal effects of estrogen in our body while its level is fluctuating, now, with continuous use of estrogen, your hormone levels will stabilize thus avoiding the fluctuating hormone level while a woman is on her period or diring menopausal.

High levels of estrogen in the body is however not very good as well that's why our surgeon believes in establishing your hormone level before strating the therapy so we can adjust the dosage and keep your hormones well-balanced.






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  • Bio-Identical Estrogen

        Bio-identical estrogen refers to a type of estrogen hormone that is chemically identical to the estrogen produced naturally in the human body. It is derived from plant sources and is often used as a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for women experiencing menopausal symptoms or hormonal imbalances.

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