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Volume loss is one of the biggest problems we will face as we age. It usually starts in our early 30’s when our normally full and youthful features start you show lines of depression especially on areas that normally move with our facial expressions such as the sides of our alars down to the side of our mouth, the area between our lower eyelid and our cheeks, the temples, and sometimes, even the cheeks.

Now, a lot of us are also aiming for sharp features, but there is a difference between a gaunt look and a well contoured face, and this is where your surgeon help in the evaluation.



Face contouring has been a major hit recently and a lot of people, both men and women, are aiming for the right balance of angles and roundness to achieve a good-shaped face, and this means some areas are given more emphasis than others. However, a contoured face is different from a face that has lost volume. A contoured face usually have apple cheeks that complements the V-Shaped lower face, while a face that has lost volume will have weak cheeks that can give a saggy look on the lower face. A contoured face looks youthful while a face that has lost volume will look tired and stressed.

The perfect candidates for face fat transfer in Thailand are those patients who are concerned about the deep lines along their faces but with only minimal to moderate sagging. Patients with severe sagging and deep depressions may need a combination of facelift in Thailand and fat transfer or what we call the facelift makeover.

While face fat transfer is a relatively minor surgical procedure, patients who are planning to have this surgery still needs to be in sound physical, emotional, and intellectual health.



Face Fat Transfer, like all other fat transfer procedures is done starting with a minor liposuction surgery to harvest the fat. Fat cell survival rate for the face is higher than fat cell survival in other areas of the body, but it is still not 100%. After harvesting fat cells on the donor site which is usually the abdomen, the fat will be processed before injection to the recipient site. The surgery can be done under general or local anesthesia but we encourage patients to consider general anesthesia for multiple areas as the injection can be quite uncomfortable.



1.      Can you take the fat on my thighs (or other areas of the body that I want)?

Generally, yes, we can, however, for fat transfer, we only take the fat that we need so if we only need 50cc of fat, and we take it on your thigh (or on the area that you want), it may not give any difference, or it may just cause imbalance. If we take it from the abdomen, we will take it from the center, so it is still balanced.

2.      What type of liposuction do you use for fat transfer?

Since we need the fat cells to be viable for fat transfer, VASER Liposuction is the safer option to harvest the fat. VASER liposuction allows for fat cells to still be viable for fat transfer unlike Laser Liposuction. Our center also uses Micro Cannula to lessen the chance of bruising and discomfort on donor area.

3.      Is the result for face fat transfer permanent?

Technically, the survival rate of fat cells for face fat transfer is 60-70%, and once the result settles in 6months, it will be permanent, however, your face will still continue to age, and lose volume so you may need or want a touch up in 2-3 years, depending on your lifestyle and aging pattern.



Yoskarn Clinic is a one-stop cosmetic-anti-aging surgical center in Bangkok. Our center has been offering several surgical and non-surgical procedures for face rejuvenation for more than 30years so we can assure you that we are recommending is based from thorough assessment of your case and not just the availability of the procedure in our center. Prof. Kunachak, our head surgeon, is one of the esteemed surgeons in Thailand and currently serving as the President of the Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Association in Thailand.

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