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The other causes of hoarseness aside from aging vocal folds are vocal fold paralysis, vocal nodule, tumor, scar, and congenital defect of the vocal folds.

 Vocal cord paralysis may be secondary to nerve injury during neck or chest surgery, or trauma, however, in majority of cases, the exact cause is still unknown.

Vocal nodule is common among singers, teachers, and those who abuse their voice or use it excessively.

Benign tumor and cancer involving the larynx and vocal folds is not uncommon among heavy smokers and alcoholics.

Vocal fold scar may result from recurrent or chronic infection, surgery, or trauma.

Sulcus vergiture or sulcus vocalis are very rare congenital defects that affect the vocal folds in which indentation forms at the entire length or localized in some part of free edge of the vocal fold which may result in the absence of mucosal wave and often, significant hoarseness.

Among all the causes mentioned above, vocal fold paralysis and vocal nodule comprise the majority. Fortunately, the treatment for vocal cord paralysis is very effective and safe, and will only involve a minimal invasive procedure. We’ve recently developed this new technique using autologous stem cell to correct unilateral vocal cord paralysis very effectively and safely.