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Our world and our people are now more open with discussion of sexuality with sex education being part of academic curriculum in most countries, but with this also came the issues of pre-marital sex, and the early engagement of the youth to precocious activities which, though practiced, is still not an issue openly discussed in most nations. Though the idea of sexual liberation has long been accepted for decades in respect to personal choice, a woman’s virginity is still highly valued in some religions and culture.

Now, there are many definitions of virginity, but men from certain religious and cultural background believe that the hymen, the thin membrane of tissue at the opening of the vaginal orifice, defines a woman’s virginity. Medical professionals however argue that due to the vulnerability of this membrane, it can be torn by engaging to activities such as biking or horseback riding or the mere insertion of a tampon.

Now, a growing number of women are becoming aware of a procedure called hymenoplasty or hymen repair. Hymenoplasty in Thailand is the surgical restoration of the hymen by suturing the torn edges together using dissolvable sutures or by making another flap from vaginal wall tissues to stand in place of the torn hymen.



Many women from all over the world are more open to explore their sexuality, however, in certain cultures, this is just not accepted yet. In some cultures, a woman should have an intact hymen to prove their virginity at the night of their wedding. Though rarely practiced nowadays, this is sacred for them.

Other women who undergo hymenoplasty in Thailand just think it’s a good present to their partner especially if they are getting married. Unfortunately, there are also those women who were victims of rape or an abusive sexual relationship and this procedure becomes part of their therapy along with vaginal repair (for more aggressive cases) to bring back their self esteem.

No matter what reason women have for choosing to undergo hymen repair in Thailand however, the main factor should always be that the reason they are doing it is to make themselves happy.



Hymen Repair is a 30-minute cosmetic surgical procedure that is usually done under local anesthesia.The surgery is minimal invasive and no recovery time is required.

Our surgeon, Prof. Kunachak, will start the surgery by putting back together the torn edges of the hymen. Done correctly by our well experienced surgeon, the hymen will appear scratchless with no sign of being torn. If it is not possible to graft the hymen together, our surgeon will harvest tissue from your vaginal wall and create the flap out of it.



A minor discomfort can be expected but on most cases, patients feel nothing after hymenoplasty in Thailand. Minimal swelling may occur but bruising is unusual.

Engaging in sexual activity is strictly discouraged for up to 6 weeks after the surgery to avoid injuring the healing wound. Patients shoud keep in mind that the newly reconstructed hymen will be torn again as soon as you engage in sexual intercourse. Like the original hymen, there are also activities that can damage the resutured hymen.

Stitches used for the surgery are dissolvable so no suture removal will be done during follow up check ups.



At Yoskarn Clinic, we understand the stigma associated with the procedure especially for those women who are culturally bound to maintain their virginity, therefore, we make sure our patients get as much privacy as they need if they stay with us during their surgical vacation in Bangkok. Protecting medical records and patients identity along with personal information is one of our top priority in our service.

Being affiliated with a hotel just beside our center, with an adjoining door that allows our surgeon and nurses to visit patients anytime upon request, the privacy and confidentiality of a patient is well protected.

The hotel is also equipped with mechanical hospital beds with comfortable mattresses so patients can rest well and recover after surgery. Room service is available so there is virtually no need to go out of you hotel room unless you want to go shopping.

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  • Hymen Repair

    Hymen repair, also known as hymenoplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to reconstruct or repair the hymen, a thin membrane that partially covers the opening of the vagina. In some cultures and societies, there is a belief that an intact hymen is a sign of virginity. As a result, some individuals may seek hymen repair for cultural, religious, social, or personal reasons.

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