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The saying “the bigger the better” may apply for so many things but definitely not for men’s breast. Ideally, men have flatter chest which with the right training, can develop into a more muscular one. However, some men are just more predisposed to have male breast which looks fatty and a bit protruded. Usually, they are those men who may be on the lean side but have an over growth of breast tissue, those who are on the higher end of the weight spectrum, or those who are not so genetically blessed who pack fat precisely on the wrong areas. Many of them have hormonal imbalance which causes enlargement of the mammary gland which is called gynecomastia.

Though packing male breast is not a health threat, most men feel conscious about having that silly bulge on the chest area especially when they are wearing light colored or slim fit shirts. Now, a surgical solution is available to reduce the size of the male breast is the cause of the enlargement is tissue over growthfat, or both. This surgical solution will however leave a scar on the chest area which our surgeon will try to make as inconspicuous as possible.



Men who are considering breast reduction in Thailand should be of good health physically, mentally, and emotionally. This means that they should accept the limitations of the surgery and that they should have realistic expectations regarding the result.

Physically, men who are bothered with their chest, be it just the over protrusion of the areola area, or the enlargement of the breast as a whole, can undergo male breast reduction as long as the cause of their condition is tissue over growth or fat.



During your initial visit to our surgeon, Prof. Somyos Kunachak will evaluate your chest to see if the problem is the gland, the fat, or both. Skin will also be assessed especially if the enlarged breast is already hanging. Depending on the condition of your breast, our surgeon may recommend liposuction to remove excess fat; glandular tissue removal if tissue over growth is the culprit; a combination of the 2 procedures; and for those who have excess skin, excision of the redundant skin may be suggested as well but this will leave a bigger scar.

The type of anesthesia to be used will also be discussed during your consultation. For smaller male breast reduction cases, the surgery can be done under local anesthesia.



Whether the surgery will be done under local or general anesthesia, the incision will be placed on the agreed site which will either be at the outer, lower quadrant of the chest or around the areola. Usually, fat will be suctioned out first followed by tissue removal. For skin excision, the scar will be just like the scar for breast lift on women as the principle is actually just the same.

Before closing, our surgeon will make sure your chest is as symmetrical as possible though during the early stage of healing, swelling may mke the breast look asymmetrical.



You should be able to see a significant reduction on your male breast a few weeks after surgery. There will be some degree of pain and discomfort after the procedure along with swelling and bruising on the chest area which may extend up to the sides. The areola and nipple may feel numb due to the trauma caused by your male breast reduction in Thailand but this should improve in a few weeks, though full sensation may take months.

Tightness on arm extension may also be felt so you should be extra careful with your activities for the next few weeks. Gradual flexibility exercises will help a lot but keep in mind not to push your self too hard.

Suture removal may be done 7-14 days after surgery depending on the condition on the incision site upon follow up visits.

Sun exposure, especially on the operative site, is highly discouraged to avoid darkening of the scar.



At Yoskarn Clinic, we will only do the procedure that will benefit patients. In cases of complicated surgeries such as male breast reduction with skin incision, we always let patients understand that there is no guarantee about the result of the surgery but our surgeon will do his best to give the patients the best they can possibly have.

Aside from this, our center is also affiliated with a hotel just beside our clinic for our patient’s convenience. Patients who are staying in the hotel enjoy both the exceptional hospitality of the hotel staffs and the expertise of our medical staff. Patients also enjoy extra privacy as our center has a connecting door to the hotel so they won’t have to go out just to see our surgeon, our surgeon himself will visit you in your own room.

Each room is equipped with a special mechanical bed for post-op patients and another single hotel bed for the patient’s guest. Complimentary breakfast is provided every morning ala carte and room service is available anytime.

The hotel is also located right at the center of the city so once patients feel up to it, they can immediately start their shopping adventure.



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    The saying “the bigger the better” may apply for so many things but definitely not for men’s breast. Ideally, men have flatter chest which with the right training, can develop into a more muscular one. However, some men are just more predisposed to have male breast which looks fatty and a bit protruded.

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