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Several treatments, several procedures, several new techniques are being introduced in the market nowadays claiming to yield the best result with the least downtime, and in more than 30 years in the cosmetic/anti-aging field, Yoskarn Clinic has tried most of these products, and carefully handpicked the ones we deem most effective among the lot. Thread-lift for one, as we all know, has been called many different names, APTOS lift, PDO lift, Spring Lift, Gold Thread, and more recently, Silhouette Lift, but the key is not the name, and in all honesty, the procedure is just the same for every term there is about thread lift, and the main difference actually lies on the material of the thread.

At Yoskarn Clinic, we use the Silhouette Soft, an EC approved under CE 0499, fully absorbable, Poly-L-Lactic Acid-based thread, popularly used for years for various medical procedures for years. Silhouette Soft gives immediate lifting effect, then after re-absorption, the Poly-L-Lactic acid acts on the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating the production and build-up of more collagen, thus adding volume to previously sagging areas, giving not just a lifted look, but also a rejuvenated face that characterizes youth.

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The absorbability of the material and its time-tested effectiveness and safety for internal use makes it a very attractive option as a thread lift material as well.

With the whole procedure done in as little as 30-minutes with little to no down-time, it is most ideal for our working clientele, who are looking to have subtle yet effective and long lasting result in as little time as possible.

On average, the result of Silhouette Soft Threadlift can last for 18-24months and is used not only as an alternative for face lifting, but also for face contouring, neck lifting, and brow lifting.


After the procedure, patients can proceed with their normal daily activities with little to no swelling, and minor restrictions such as avoiding massage directly on the treated area. Saunas and exposure to direct sunlight on the treated area is also highly discouraged for 2 weeks for longer lasting effect. 

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  • Silhouette Lift

     The Silhouette Lift, also known as a thread lift or non-surgical facelift, is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure designed to lift and tighten sagging facial tissues. It involves the use of specialized sutures with small bi-directional cones to lift the skin and underlying tissues, providing a more youthful appearance without the need for extensive surgery.


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