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Over the years, we’ve seen researchers experiment on artificial fillers using silicone, collagen, and lately, we have the safe hyaluronic acid based fillers which actually are good enough already. However, in our quest for more natural means to preserve our looks, our doctors had found the benefits of using our own fat cells in the form of adipose stem cell transplantation.


            Basically, the concept of stem cell facelift is to pull the skin up by filling areas that had lost volume due to aging. Notice that as you get older, your eyes may look sunken, your temples will look deeper, you will have noticeable laugh lines and marionette lines, your cheek will lose its prominence and volume, and so your skin will all be pulled down and you will have that gaunt look. Now, with stem cell facelift, our surgeon will fill in the depressed areas on your face. Though the procedure will not achieve the tightness of the skin immediately, the stem cells will work to rejuvenate the skin and improve the overall appearance of the face giving patients who had undergone the procedure a fresher and more natural look that radiates good health and just a tighter, pulled up appearance.

            The whole procedure can be done either under local or general anesthesia depending on your request. The first part of the procedure is the harvesting of fat mostly from the lower abdomen, though the inner thighs will also be an option. Fat from the lower abdomen has been proven to be rich with adipose stem cells so it is always the first area to be considered. 

            After suctioning the required amount of fat, the fat will be processed using our AdiStem system to separate fat cells from adipose stem cells. The adipose stem cells will then be stimulated by special lasers and infused with growth factors to maximize its potential in preparation for transplantation.

            The infused stem cells will then be strategically injected to different areas of the face with volume deficiency to rejuvenate the face and bring back its youthful fullness.


            Since both stem cell facelift and lipofilling will involve the use of fat, most patients are wondering what the difference between the two is. Basically, with lipofilling, fat will be harvested from the donor site, blood and oil products is removed then fat is injected to the recipient site, hence, fat cell survival is lower and the concentration of stem cell is not guaranteed. With stem cell facelift, fat is harvested and processed to extract the stem cells then the stem cell is infused with growth factors before injection to the recipient site. With this process, the survival rate of the transplanted cells is higher and the amount of stem cells is guaranteed significant to warrant the revitalizing effect that we want to achieve, and the result lasts longer and even improves over time.


            Since Stem Cell Facelift is minimal invasive in nature wherein the surgery is only the liposuction part and there will be no incision on the face, scarring will not be a problem. Also, since incision is well hidden and not much tissue damage will be involved on the face, there will be minimal bruising and swelling so patients can go back to work with lesser downtime.

            With stem cells being introduced back to the face, patients will get the double benefit of the pulling effect along with the deeper cell renewal that will eventually improve not just the physical appearance, but also the under layers of the skin, therefore promoting rejuvenation from within.

            Stem Cell facelift also makes use of autologous cells which makes the chance of allergic reaction and rejection almost zero. Since some of your fat will be removed from a certain area on your body (the lower abdomen and/or the inner thighs), you get the double benefit of slimming the area down even just a little.


            At Yoskarn Clinic, we do not just perform stem cell facelift, we incorporate the procedure with stem cell therapy by intravenous infusion as well as stem cell mesotherapy to make sure that you get the maximum benefit of long lasting rejuvenation not just for your face but for your body as well. Basically, we couple stem cell facelift with stem cell for anti-aging as we believe that beauty should come from within.

            We also offer a combination of PRP, minimal invasive facelift procedures for those with more severe sagging, and skin resurfacing procedures for those with fine wrinkles that botox and even facelift cannot directly address.