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None of us wants to grow old weak and wrinkled. We all want hold on to our youth as much as we can, but sadly, there is only so much we can do about genetics and the natural aging process. Research after research had been launched to somehow slow down aging and with the discovery of the function of stem cell and it’s unique property, we are finally seeing the light for the new age of cell regeneration and generally, health rejuvenation.


Nowadays, we understand that the bone marrow acts as the body’s main repair system. It does so continuously by generating adult stem cells (ASC) with a principal role of maintaining and repairing tissues in which they are found. As we age though, it has been found that the bone marrow generates fewer stem cells, which in turn leads to a decline of ASCs in our body further resulting to a decrease in our body’s ability to regenerate and repair tissues. Age-related changes occur in the skin, organs, sex glands, immune system, blood-forming system, muscles and other systems. These changes are strongly associated with a reduction in the generation of stem cells to replace aging cells.

With the stem cell therapy from bone marrow, patients are able to benefit from revitalization or internal organs and tissues as well as activation of the body’s stem cells. Improvement is mainly seen in organs like the liver, heart, and kidney as well as the lymphatic system. Patients who had done the procedure also experience renewed level of energy and sexual drive with a significant improvement in their physical appearance.

Another form of therapy that had been used for anti-aging is mesenchymal stem cell in the form of Adipose Stem Cell. In the field of cosmetics, adipose stem cell had already been found useful to give different areas of the body a rejuvenated appearance. For instance, stem cell had been used from hand rejuvenation to facelift procedures as well as for breast and butt augmentation. Adipose Stem Cell therapy had also been used for inner health revitalization for patients recovering from surgery and it was found out that post-op patients who receive stem cells regain strength faster, and healing becomes better.

In a separate research, it was pointed out that a patient may need 250-400M of stem cell per treatment for it to be beneficial. When released in the body, they associate with other cells and mobilize organ-specific cells to their job. Since stem cells have the ability to regrow to different types of tissue, researchers had found it puzzling how to figure out to stop the growth. In this research, they found out that mesenchymal stem cells from fat are more specific to each organ and they only have to be programmed for them to stop working. This made it easier for researchers to use adipose stem cell better. However, since they also have limitations as to what type of cells they can develop to, Adipose Stem Cell is mainly used for anti-aging and cosmetic purposes for now.

Another field of interest for researchers is the engineered pluripotent stem cells which naturally is just the embryonic stem cell. Since it has already been established that pluripotent stem cells can differentiate to any kind of cell, researchers are now trying to determine possible ways to engineer pluripotent stem cells and differentiate them to become cells for specific organs.



At Yoskarn Clinic, we offer both Adipose Stem Cell and Cord Blood Stem Cell transplantation. We work closely with one of the most respected stem cell laboratory in Bangkok so patients can be assured that we can deliver high-quality stem cell transplantation procedures.

Since stem cell is an alternative form of therapy, we always see to it that our patients understand that this is not a treatment but a therapy. We’ve seen positive effects with our patients but not everyone will respond to the same degree. One of our most popular stem cell treatments is the combination of adipose stem cell therapy with stem cell face rejuvenation which had been very effective for our patients who are not just seeking for a younger physical appearance but also a better inner health.