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Diabetes has plagued our nation for centuries. Even with the advancement in the field of medicine that we are currently enjoying, a direct cure for this metabolic disease is still yet to be discovered. Lots of conventional therapies are available for diabetes such as insulin injection and oral hypoglycemic drugs however, all these treatments only aims to relieve or delay the onset and development of diabetes and related complications, none of them address the root of the problem that causes pancreatic ß cell dysfunction.

While it had already been established that Diabetes has two types, both of which are concerned with insulin, the hormone that regulates the absorption of carbohydrates (glucose) and fats in our body.  Insulin is synthesized in the pancreas within the β-cells of the islets of Langerhans. For patients with Diabetes, there are 2 major problems, for Type I Diabetes, the B-cells is not producing insulin while for Type 2 Diabetes, the insulin that is produced by the B-cells is either not enough or not compatible with the recipient cells.



With the existing knowledge about stem cells and its remarkable ability to develop into other cell types, researches had been launched all over the world to maximize its innate potential to benefit the health industry. Currently, thousand of studies are underway to determine if stem cell will pave way to totally curing diabetes. In a study conducted in India, a group of homogenous patient population with T2DM who displayed good glycemic control and the existence of a comparable control group that did not receive cell transplants, were involved. In this study, the researchers concluded that Type 2 diabetes patients who receive self-donated (autologous) bone marrow stem cells require less insulin, however, it was also pointed out that the efficacy of stem cell therapy needs to be further explored and established but the results with recent studies are very promising.

In a separate study in the University of Carolina, scientists have made biliary cells to mature into islets. These islet structures produced insulin and c-peptide (a component of natural insulin production) in response to glucose. Transplanting these structures into diabetic mice dramatically improved blood sugar control though human trial is still in process.

            In another study, it was claimed that Stem cells hold tremendous promise for both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes by coaxing stem cells to produce insulin-producing cells that could be used in islet transplantation through cloning, It was also claimed that stem cell can be used to prevent diabetes and its complications (including complications during pregnancy) as well as repair the tissue damage that diabetes causes over time. Researchers are also considering stem cells in relation to body fat, and how to limit the accumulation of bad fats and perhaps prevent insulin resistance.

In a separate clinical trial, treatment results have been very encouraging for both Type I and Type II diabetes patients. For Type I diabetes, treatment with stem cells combined with injections of other biological factors as proven very efficient in regenerating pancreatic tissues, and in some cases, eliminating the need by patients to inject themselves with insulin in order to control their blood sugar levels. For Type II diabetes, our stem cell therapy treatment has shown that it can assist in better controlling sugar levels as well as being very effective in reducing or eliminating complications that may arise in patients suffering from Type II diabetes including for heart disease, eye complications, peripheral neuropathy and diabetes wounds, to name a few.

            Though a solid literature is yet to be produced, Stem Cell therapy had been used all over the world as an alternative treatment for those seeking better options than lifetime medications for diabetes.


            Though stem cell therapy is not yet a proven cure for diabetes mellitus, Yoskarn Clinic is offering this therapy for patients who would like to explore the possibility of feeling some improvement. Also our stem cell therapy basically aims to improve the over-all health of our patients by providing a more holistic approach through intravenous infusion with unique techniques to address the specific concerns of a person.

          Our Stem Cell Therapy is done with AdiStem System which improves the efficacy of stem cells by up to 90% as compared to other stem cell harvesting and preparation technique. Our team also makes sure that our patients understand that this is not a cure but just a possible option.

        Over the years we’ve been offering the procedure, our patients had seen improvement not only for those seeking treatment for diabetes but for those who are seeking for better health as a whole.