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               Due to the hard work we put our hands in to and the lack of attention we give back to that part of our body, they often betray our age. As the saying goes “you can tell the age of a woman with her hands”.

               The reality is, when it comes to looking young and taking care of ourselves, our main focus is always on the face as we believe it always gives the first impression. Often times, we forget that the rest of our body is giving subtle signs of our real age like the receding hairline, the graying of our hair, the lines on our neck, and of course, the veins on our hands. Though these are subtle signs, they still give people a hint that we are no longer as young as our well maintained face say.

               Many hand rejuvenation lotions, creams, and treatments are becoming more available in the market, and though are well researched, their effectiveness lies on delaying the aging process, not on reversing it. Once the lines and veins have already appeared and the age spots which accumulated from years of sun exposure becomes more apparent, not even the most expensive serum available in the market will work.

               The good news is, hand rejuvenation by stem cell transplantation is now available and is widely proven to improve the texture of our hands and mask the visible signs of aging.


               Like our face, the tissues in our hands waste away as we age. Since most of our body is also aging, the cells that once were active for repair no longer works in the same manner. This is where stem cell hand rejuvenation works, with the introduction of stem cells on the area, new cells are formed (through differentiation) and internal renewal and repair of old, worn-out cells takes place. With the incorporation of some fat cells, the prominence of the veins becomes masked and the hands become smooth and soft just like when we were younger.

               The procedure will involve harvesting fat from your lower abdomen (sometimes inner thigh), separating adipose stem cells from the fat cells, activating the stem cells and incorporating some fat cells back, then injecting the prepared stem cells to the hands.

               The whole procedure can be done under local or general anesthesia depending on what you agreed upon with our surgeon. The Stem Cell is prepared using our AdiStem System which enables us to extract as much viable stem cell as possible.


               Basically, stem cell hand rejuvenation will make use of your own cells to be used as filling agent for areas on your hands that had lost volume so there is virtually no chance of rejection or allergic reaction from your body. Though chances of allergic reaction is also very low with fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane, or any hyaluronic based fillers, these products are not permanent and may only last for an average of 6 months. Fillers will also work only on filling the area, it will not trigger cell renewal unlike stem cells which can replace old cells for better rejuvenating effect.


               At Yoskarn Clinic, we offer stem cell hand rejuvenation with stem cell therapy by intravenous injection. Basically, our approach will include intravenous introduction of stem cell throughout the body and special transplantation of stem cells on the hand area. With this, we will not only rejuvenate the hands but also promote internal improvement and cell renewal in all your organ and tissues.


               Though we do not claim that the procedure is a miracle-cure for all you ailments, stem cell therapy had been known to improve the health of our patients who had already undergone the procedure.