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Crow’s feet, dropping brows, wrinkles on the forehead, these are just some of the culprits that betrays our real age. Though alternative treatments such as botox injections has been proven to ease the pressing signs of aging, people still look for a longer lasting solution, hence they opt for temporal lift in Thailand.

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Temporal lift in Thailand is a minimal invasive surgical procedure that allows our surgeon to pull the skin around the temples to lift and tighten it up. Temporal lift at Yoskarn Clinic, Bangkok is done as subtle as possible, giving you a change enough to be noticed yet puzzling to be pointed out.



At your visit to our center, you should provide our staff with a general medical history, together with details of any previous facial surgeries you’ve had, be it in Thailand or in other countries.

During your personal consultation with our surgeron, Prof. Somyos Kunachak, he will lift your facial skin, while you will have to express your concerns so you and him can formulate a plan as to what approach will be best for you and what could be expected post operatively. We highly advise that you set realistic goals and understand that temporal lift is a procedure that addresses the upper face, specifically the corw's feet, drooping brows, and wrinkles on the forehead to a certain extent only.



Anyone with pronounced aging in the temple area can benefit from temporal lift surgery in Thailand. Both men and women who experience heaviness and notice sagging on their forehead and brow will also benefit from this surgical technique. Mild mid face and lower face sagginess may also be improved though moderate signs of aging on these 2 areas may not respond well.

Physical, mental, and emotional health will of course be a factor before our surgeon agrees to do this procedure. Clients who wish to be scheduled should understand that temporal lift surgery will target the upper face area only, a complimentary procedure may still be needed to address concerns on mid and lower face areas. 

For patients with moderate to severe sagging on the whole face, minilift, or full facelift, may be recommended.



Temporal lift in Thailand is done on an outpatient basis under general or local anesthesia. This choice will of course be discussed with you during your consultation. 

The surgery begins as our surgeon place an incision entirely along the hairline above your ear or basically on the temples. Through this incision the underlying tissue is tightened, the crow's feet lines are addressed, and the skin is tightened by trimming off the excess. This kind of face lift technique may also be done to improve an old eyelid procedure or to complement an eyelid procedure when there is excessive heaviness in the lateral brow.

Drains are rarely used for temporal lift, but may be needed overnight at most.



As this procedure is considered minimal invasive, preparations are less complicated, however, you are still highly advised to follow our guidelines (this will be given to you prior to your surgery) in preparation for your surgery such as the medications to avoid, your smoking and drinking habits, and your medical history. We require full disclosure of medical history in order for our team to prepare for the procedure to minimize the risk of certain complications.

A period of depression is normal especially a few days after your temple lift or even other facelift surgery in Thailand as you will see nothing but bruises and swelling. Please keep in mind that it will take at least 2 weeks before you can start to appreciate the result of the procedure and it will take at least 6 months before the result settles. Some patients heal faster than others and there is nothing our team can do but to advise you to stay healthy and to be in your optimum health before your surgery so your body can recover faster.

Some post-op preparations such as arrangements for your transportation, and your daily chores and responsibilities should also be arranged prior to surgery so you will be worry free during the first few days of your recovery in Bangkok.



Serious complications from temporal lift at Yoskarn Clinic in Thailand is extremely rare and is greatly minimized when performed by an experienced plastic surgeon such as Prof. Somyos Kunachak. Like all other surgeries however, there are some theoretical risks such as infection, nerve damage, excessive bleeding, delayed wound healing, and other less serious possibilities.



Bruising around the temporal area is normal along with possible swelling near the incision site, but this will resolve in a few days. Pain is very minimal during the recovery period but our surgeon will still prescribe the necessary antibiiotics and pain relievers for you.

Sutures are to be removed 7-10 days after the surgery depending on the condition of the incision site but since the area is hidden, post-operative patients can usually go back to work even before the sutures are removed. We highly recommend staying in Bangkok for at least 1 week however for follow up check up and suture removal.



Like all other types of facelift procedures in Thailand, hair dyes and treatments should be avoided for 4 to 6 weeks post-operatively. Patients may feel itching on the incision sites, but are reminded not to scrub or touch the area or even apply topical creams without asking our surgeon. 

Strenuous activities such as weight lifting should be avoided for about 6 weeks as it may cause strain to the incision site which can also lead to bleeding.



Our surgical team has more than 30years of experience in cosmetic and plastic surgery in Thailande so you can rest assured that we have enough experience with thousands of happy clients. Aside from the quality of our work, we also take pride in offering a whole package of services from transportation to hotel accommodations, to tours after recovery.

Our affiliate hotel, Aphrodite Inn, is located adjacent our own center, with one whole floor dedicated to all our patients who would like to have any surgery or treatment with us. Each room on the 2nd floor of Aphrodite Inn is complete with mechanical beds and soft, hotel, mattresses to assure patient comfort. Since there is an adjoining door on the 2nd floor of the hotel to our center, patients are also granted with privacy as you won’t have to walk around or go out with bandages. Our surgeon and nurses also visits patients staying in the hotel everyday to see their progress in recovery.

Post-op patients who are staying in the hotel are allowed to have a companion with them to stay in the same room with their own comfortable bed, free of charge.

For, patients who are strong enough, or companions who wants go around Bangkok, we can make arrangements for tours to different attractions depending on your taste.


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    A temple lift, also known as a temporal lift or lateral brow lift, is a surgical procedure designed to address sagging or drooping eyebrows and improve the appearance of the upper outer corners of the eyes and temples. It specifically targets the lateral (outer) portion of the eyebrows and forehead to elevate and reposition them, creating a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

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