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Do you feel like your body is falling apart and your once well defined biceps is getting smaller even if you are still working out? Maybe it’s time you consider having your hormones checked.

Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for the normal growth and development of male sexual organs and other male sexual characteristics. This is the hormone responsible for your bone density, fat distribution, muscle strength and muscle mass, red blood cell production, sex drive, and sperm production.

Like all hormones in our body, the production of this hormone slows down as we age, that’s why men in their forty’s may notice their abdomen getting bigger, their hair thinning out, or their once very active sex drive slowly drying out. 

If these concerns you but you are too shy to admit it, then going out on a vacation to one of the premiere tourist destinations in the world will be your best excuse. During your trip to Bangkok, you can drop by our center for a consultation with Prof. Somyos Kunachak regarding your concerns, then you have the test done and once the result come out, you will have all your hormonal therapy medications with you on your way home!



Androgel (TestoGel) in Thailand is the most common testosterone therapy drug and is prepared in a gel form. This gel is applied on the area on the shoulder or upper arm which can be covered by the sleeves of your shirt. This is done because Androgel can be transferred from your body to another and this happens simply by contact (your skin touched another person’s skin). If you will have skin to skin contact with another person, it will be better to wash the area where you applied the gel first.

Never apply androgel in other areas of your body which is not specified by your doctor.

Patients who have enlarged prostate should not use androgel because it may worsen the condition.

Always make sure to stick with your doctor’s advice about the use of androgel to get its maximum benefit otherwise it can also cause some adverse effects. Do not change the dosage even if you already see changes in your body; always consult your doctor first before you make any changes so you will know you are still getting the right supplementation for your therapy.

As much as possible we advise using the gel on the same time everyday preferably after you shower.

For those who are having problems with daily application of the gel, an alternative will be by intramuscular injection. We have 2 available preparation for the injection route, we have one that will last for 2 weeks and the other that will last for 3 months.



Like all other hormone supplements offered in our center, our TestoGel and the injection comes in their bio-identical form, with this, continued use of the supplement on long term will not have any harmful side effect to the body, however, since our hormones affect a lot of aspects of our physicality and basically our system, changes may be noticeable after weeks of starting the therapy. These changes are normal effects of the hormone it is brought back up to the optimum level.

Testosterone Therapy in Thailand is one of the most indemand male non-surgical treatment in our center as a drop on the level of this hormone is one of the most feared sign of aging for men.




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  • Bio-Identical Testosterone

       Bio-identical testosterone refers to a synthetic form of the hormone testosterone that is chemically identical to the testosterone produced naturally in the human body. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, although it is also present in smaller amounts in females.

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