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Even in aging, there seems to be a gray area, the stage when the non-surgical treatments may no longer be worth it, but the patient is not yet ready for surgery. For years, patients had been choosing to compromise the result they can achieve from invasive, long-downtime, facelifts and body lifting, for fear of going under the knife.

In 2013 however, the first, temperature controlled, “micro-invasive”, skin tightening and rejuvenation technology that gives off more superior result than non-invasive lasers became FDA approved and is now available at Yoskarn Clinic.


Thermitight is the first technology that delivers controlled thermal energy under the skin to improve the quality of the skin and correct signs of aging such as loose skin, and wrinkles. ThermiTight works not only for the face and neck area, but also for the body such as the upper arms, upper back, lower abdomen, and even thighs.

The treatment works by inserting a tiny probe (much like a needle for an injection). This probe releases Radio Frequency Energy directly to the tissues (as the probe really gets in contact with the tissue), causing immediate contraction, giving off more immediate results. 

The treatment can be done in about an hour and there is basically no downtime after the treatment though some degree of swelling and redness can be expected after the procedure, but it usually subsides in a day or two. 



Patient reviews reveal 90-95% percent satisfaction with the result of ThermiTight. It is a one-time procedure that can yield significant improvement in terms of skin lifting and tightening in as little as 2 weeks after the treatment. While results can last for several years, patient lifestyle is still a major factor in maintaining the result, the same thing with surgery.

ThermiLift has also been regarded really effective for cellulite on thighs, excess skin on the upper back/waist, loose skin on the lower abdomen, and loose skin on the upper arms, aside from its highly praised effect on the area under the chin.

Though it can never be claimed that thermitight can be substitute for surgery, it is one of the best options in the market today, to yield visible results at a very affordable cost.


Aside from our ThermiThight machine, we also have Ulthera, Thermage, Laser Resurfacing, Surgery, and host of other face rejuvenating treatments, hence, we will not just recommend what is available in our center, our surgeons and doctors will evaluate your condition carefully and give recommendations accordingly. Our doctors will listen to your concerns and listen to what you want to achieve. This is the reason why in most cases, we don’t just give patients a quotation based on the procedure they want, we ask patients to send photos so our doctors will have an idea about the patient’s condition then recommend from there.

Having used several techniques for face rejuvenation, our center understands that not all techniques will work for everyone, hence, our doctors trained to use all of the best available technology there is for anti-aging and use these technologies to our patients.


Understanding the limitations of each, and having other options that can fill in those limitations, makes our center on of the best centers in Thailand for an honest evaluation for your condition, and the procedure that will give you the best result for your money.

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    Even in aging, there seems to be a gray area, the stage when the non-surgical treatments may no longer be worth it, but the patient is not yet ready for surgery. 

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