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You may be one of those lucky enough to manage to lose weight through exercise and diet, or you may have undergone a surgery to help you shed of some pounds, or you may be a new mom who just got back her pre-baby body, but the common thing is, you may still be bothered by all the skin left hanging especially on your abdomen. The good news is, if you’re down to the weight that you originally want, that is always reward enough, however, if you really worked hard for it, and you feel like you should give your body a better prize for this achievement, then you may opt for a tummy tuck in Thailand.

Abdominiplasty in THailand is a lifting procedure to remove excess skin caused by dramatic weight loss or child birth. This can be done in combination with a liposuction procedure or alone, depending on the result that you want to achieve.


Like all other surgeries, good candidates for tummy tuck in Thailand are those of good physical, mental, and emotional health with realistic expectations regarding the result of the procedure. Patients who will benefit much on this surgery are those with excess skin on the abdomen and those who are already on their ideal weight.

We discourage having tummy tuck for patients who are still trying to lose weight to avoid a 2nd surgery because once patients who had undergone tummy tuck or any lifting procedure start to lose weight, there is a possibility that they will have excess skin again, and may opt for another procedure again. Though it can be done, the possibility of unpleasant scarring will be higher, and this is not something we want for our patients.

A combination of liposuction in Thailand and tummy tuck can also be done in one surgery, and normally, this is the case for our patients. The procedure will however be more costly and recovery will be a longer. Mommy MakeOver in Thailand is also one of the most popular combination surgical procedures in Thailand. 


During your consultation with Prof. Somyos Kunachak, he will evaluate the kind of tummy tuck technique that will work best for you. We currently offer three (3) types of tummy tuck incisions, the mini tummy tuck, the full tummy tuck, and the circumferential tummy tuck.

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Mini Tummy Tuck in Thailand works for patients with very little excess skin. This is common for patients who had babies but are otherwise on the lean side or those with skin laxity only on the lower abdomen especially below the umbilicus. The incision for mini tummy tuck lies on the bikini line or even lower, and the length may vary depending on the amount of excess skin, but is definitely shorter than a full tummy tuck. Muscle tightening is very limited in this method of abdominoplasty however.

drawing_tummy_tuck_incisions_excess_skin_removal_vs_full_tummy_tuck_diagram.gif (200×109)

On the other hand, Full Tummy Tuck addresses excess skin on the anterior abdomen along with full muscle tightening if needed. The incision will run from hip bone to hip bone and around the umbilicus for umbilical transposition. Though our surgeon will do his best to keep the incision site as low as possible, the scar will be quite long and drains may be inserted during the surgery. This technique is usually recommended for those who have had multiple pregnancies or those who had lost a lot of weight but with no excess skin at the back.

During this consultation, our surgeon will also explain if you will need liposuction in Thailand to achieve the result that you want or a tummy tuck procedure will suffice.

For the third option whihc is the Circumferential Tummy Tuck, the incision will all the way across the abdomen up to the back. This procedure is usully recommended for patients who have had massive weight loss with a lot of excess skin. Recovery for this surgery may take 2-3 weeks and rest will be highly recommended during the first few days after the surgery.


Patients who have had abdominoplasty in Thailand can expect a tighter abdomen with no more excess skin. Though lumps may be present during the first few weeks, they usually resolve with massage therapy.

There is no guarantee that we can achieve an entirely flat abdomen though our surgeon will tighten your abdominal muscle as necessary to make it as flat as possible. Liposuction will also be recommended as necessary.

Scars from this procedure are permanent but proper care and good hygiene will leave the scar inconspicuous. Those who form keloids can have steroid injections every 3-4months to flatten their scars. Keloid formation is something our surgeons cannot control as it is the body’s response to injury.


Tummy tuck is a major surgery that requires long recovery period. Though patients are encouraged to ambulate in as early as 2-3 days after surgery, normal activities should wait for at least 2 weeks especially for those with longer incisions.

Lifting heavy objects is strictly prohibited for at least 3 months to allow the muscle to heal and the skin and underlying fascia to have stronger attachment.

Suture removal is usually done 10-14 days after surgery but some may take longer in case the incision hasn’t fully healed yet.

Patients who smoke are highly encouraged to stop smoking before and after the surgery until the incision has fully healed as smoking delays healing, and with the kind of incision from tummy tuck procedures, it will be best to wait for the incisions to fully close first.

Occasional feeling of tightness is normal for up to 6 months, along with some numbness or hypersensitivity, if it doesn’t resolve over this period, you can request for a follow up. Some patients heal faster, while some may take longer, but is always best to keep you surgeon updated about your recovery.

Patients who had done this procedure are encouraged to stay in Bangkok for at least 2 weeks for proper aftercare since the incision is quite large and so the risks for possible complications is also higher.

Scar creams can be used in 4-6 weeks after surgery but you will have to assess if the entire site has already healed before putting on any creams to avoid possible irritation or infection.



Tummy Tuck in Thailand is an invasive procedure that needs longer recovery period and proper medical supervision, therefore, we recommend patients to stay in Aphrodite Inn for convenience in terms of after care.

Aphrodite Inn is a boutique hotel that sits right beside our center with a connecting door on the 2nd floor for patient privacy. Each room on the 2nd floor of the hotel is equipped with mechanical hospital beds with hotel mattresses for patient comfort especially during the first few days after surgery. The floor is also modified to have available emergency medical kits for patient safety.

Companions and friends can also stay with our patients in the same room, with their own beds free of charge. Complimentary breakfast is also provided for patients and guests alike. Room service is available anytime, and medical professional are within reach should patients have any question anytime.

Patients who are staying in Aphrodite Inn enjoys the benefit of having hotel staffs pamper them with Thai hospitality and nurses and doctors take care of them with their medical expertise.

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    You may be one of those lucky enough to manage to lose weight through exercise and diet, or you may have undergone a surgery to help you shed of some pounds, or you may be a new mom who just got back her pre-baby body, but the common thing is

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