Chelation / Detoxification with Peptide Therapy



Unless you are leaving in a remote area, without any vehicle passing and you are eating purely organic foods from the day you were born, chances are, you have been exposed to different toxins coming from the very air you breathe to every inch of processed foods you ingest which may contain insecticide residue from vegetables, heavy metals from seafoods and from the water we drink everyday. Now, there are just so many toxins present in the environment and in the food we eat to name a few, but you may ask, if there are many toxins, why are you not sick yet? Basically, most toxins build up in our body over time, and are not harmful in small amounts; however, there are also toxins that are fatal even in minute quantities.

Most people don’t have any idea how these toxic substances and heavy metals are introduced to their body, or better yet, harm their body. To name a few, these toxins are the leading cause of cancer; they make you age earlier and faster by destroying your hormone system; they harm your kidney, liver, brain, heart, hair, skin, pancreas, testes and ovaries, gastrointestinal tract, and endocrine system which may manifest in  the form of memory loss, lack of initiation, loss of libido, impotence, heart failure, dull skin, cracked, dry, or falling hair, muscle weakness, etc; and they destroy your energy productive system which makes you feel tired faster.

Our bodies work hard to eliminate the toxins that we take. For instance, our liver is one of the busiest organs when it comes to protecting our body from the harmful effects of toxic chemicals, the kidneys also do well with water soluble toxins. However, not all toxins can be processed or eliminated. Some will reach their target organs and cause diseases while some will be deposited on organs, bidding time until they reach the amount or volume for which they can cause disease.

Most of the time, you will not know how much of these toxins you already have, hence, the rise of the use of chelation or detoxification.



Chelation in Thailand is the administration of chelating agents (a chemical compound in the form of a heterocyclic ring, containing a metal ion attached by coordinated bonds to at least two non-metal ions) to remove heavy metals from the body. Detoxification in Thailand on the other hand is the removal of toxic substances from the body by physiological or medical means. The medical means refers to the administration of drugs like antidotes on poison, to counteract the effect of the toxin or to help the body be rid of it.



At Yoskarn Clinic, we do Chelation and Detoxification either separately or as one treatment. The treatment will start with the preparation of the chelating agent and the detox medicines. The formulation of the detox medicine varies depending on the patient’s desired effect. However, in most cases, we recommend our scientific proofed comprehensive 9 systems chelation and detoxification which will rid of all the toxic substances from all organ systems in your whole body.

The medications will be administered intravenously and the whole treatment will take about an hour. No special preparation is required to have the treatment so it can be done right after the consultation.

The treatment can be done every other day or in varying frequency depending on Prof. Somyos Kunachak, or one of our doctor’s recommendation.



Almost anyone can do chelation and detoxification as the therapy has very low occurrence of side effect if used properly. Patients who had done these treatments will notice changes in their overall health like improved blood pressure, stronger immune system, faster metabolism, and generally lighter feeling.

Older people are sometimes medically recommended to undergo frequent detoxification since their organs also become less efficient with age. Younger patients use detoxification to maintain a healthier body, others use it for cosmetic reasons because it is proven fact that if one is healthy from the inside, it shows on the outside because the skin becomes clearer, fairer, and more radiant.



Chelation and Detoxification in Thailand are preventive treatments and are therefore not widely used by people since it is usually our nature to act when we are already sick than to prevent it, therefore, our surgeon thought of a way to promote health and beauty together as we are always so concerned about our looks. So, at Yoskarn Clinic, Chelation and Detoxification, is done both for health and beauty purposes.

Not only do we offer chelation and detoxification, we also add in peptides which are the group of amino acid or substances composed of various kinds of specially selected growth factors and mediators that will aid in the process of repairing, healing, and restoration of the injured cells or organs once the toxic substance and heavy metals have been removed by the process of chelation and detoxification.

At Yoskarn Clinic, we routinely incorporate this peptide therapy with chelation on the same visit through the same intravenous route to avoid any additional discomfort.

Aside from this, we also recommend patients who are doing the treatment to stay at Aphrodite Inn, the hotel just beside our clinic so they can have therapy at the comfort of their own room, with a supervising medical personnel.

Aphrodite Inn is a recipient of Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence Award for consecutive years so we can assure you that your stay at the hotel will be a comfortable one.