Allergic Rhinitis Treatment

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Find a solution to your life long Allergic Rhinitis problem!

Try Yoskarn Clinic's Laser for Allergic Rhinitis only for 10,000 THB

and find your long awaited for relief from constant bouts of sneeze and runny nose.

Special offer runs until DECEMBER 31, 2018!



Fat Reduction by CoolSculpting Promotion

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Fat Reduction has never been so easy and so affordable!!!

Avail of our very special discounted price starting at 12,000 THB per cycle for CoolSculpting

to upto as low as 10,900 THB per cycle for AT LEAST 5 AREAS.


Available packages can be shared with friends or can be used in the future!

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Fillers Promotion

Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, these trusted filler brands are all available at Yoskarn Clinic

for a very affordable price of 15,000 THB per mL. 

Fillers can be used for face rejuvenation, nose augmentation, lip enhancement, penile enlargement,

and other cosmetic or functional purposes.


Find out what you can use Fillers for and book now!



Non-Surgical Facelift by Ulthera

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Unlimited Ulthera shots for non-surgical full face lifting at Yoskarn Clinic only for 55,000 THB

Full face and underchin costs 70,000 THB


Full face, underchin, and neck costs 90,000 THB



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Avail of our very special price for HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) for Face Rejuvenation!

Achieve your desired V-Shaped face with our special combination Cheek and Under Chin HIFU + Meso Fat Injection for the jowl area.

This promotion is VALID until June 30, 2018 only!


Normal treatment price is 25,900 THB for the cheek and underchin HIFU and 5,000 THB for Meso Fat Injection.

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